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>From Robin Everly:

Hi BSW members:

I’ve been helping Kelly Fox find information for her thesis which is on
flowering phenology of certain species in the C&O Canal area.  She has been
very thorough in her research and pretty much contacted everyone I suggested
so far.  Ed Barrows mentioned to her that Dan Nicolson conducting walks
along Bear Island for 30 to 40 years and gave out a handout with the first
blooming dates of species in her thesis.  Does anyone have a copy of this
handout that can be given to her?

Here’s Kelly Fox’s project in a nutshell:

I am currently working on my graduate project (Hood College, Environmental
Biology) coordinating citizen science efforts collecting phenology data
along the Canal and comparing current and historical data.  I am searching
for any previously collected data (blooming dates, fruiting dates, leaves
changing colors and dropping leaves) for 6 particular species: Claytonia
virginia (spring beauty), Viola soroia (blue violet), Acer rubrum (red
maple), Asimina triloba (Paw Paw), Lindera benzoin (Northern Spicebush) and
Mertensa virginica (Virginia bluebells).  The area I am really focusing on
is Mile Marker 13.7- MM 15 along the towpath, River Trail, and Ford Mine

She is also looking for information naturalist and volunteer tour guide
Helen Johnston collected during her walks at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
National Historical Park.

If you have any information for Kelly from either Dan or Helen—please feel
free to contact her directly at :  Kelly_fox at nps.gov

Thanks, Robin Everly


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