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>From the FLEPPC list:

From: Matthew King <MKing at pbcgov.org>
Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 2:48 PM
Subject: Support Invasive Species Prevention!
To: FLEPPC at listserv.uga.edu

While the FLEPPC name implies invasive plant species, most of our members
understand the impact of invasive animal species. Please read the below
email and if you support the Invasive Fish & Wildlife Prevention Act of
2013 then send a letter to your US Representative and Senator.

FLEPPC’s Board of Directors were in support of the 2012 (112th Congress) of
this legislation.  Unfortunately, it died with the end of the Session. 
Let’s try not to have that happen this Session.

More information on the Act can be found here:http://news.wildlife.org/featured/invasive-fish-and-wildlife-prevention-act-introduced/

Matthew King, Chair

FLEPPC Legislative Committee

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From: Laura Bies <laura at wildlife.org>
Date: Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 9:00 AM
Subject: TWS Action Alert: Support Invasive Species Prevention!

Each year, hundreds of millions of non-native wild animals, including 
Burmese pythons and red lionfish, are imported into the U.S., with no 
effective way of screening out species that can harm native ecosystems or 
threaten human health.

The Wildlife Society has been working to encourage Congress to improve the 
regulation of wildlife imports and reduce the risk of harm to our native 
wildlife, wild places, and human health. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter 
(NY)  recently introduced legislation that would protect the U.S. from the 
economic and environmental threats of invasive species, called the 
Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2013 (HR. 996/S. 1153).

This legislation would significantly strengthen the ability of federal 
regulators to make rapid, science-based decisions on whether non-native 
fish or wildlife species pose a risk to ecosystems within the U.S. and 
cause economic damage or threaten public health. Help us ensure that these 
much-needed changes are enacted into law. Ask your Representative and 
Senators to co-sponsor H.R. 996/S. 1153 today!

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