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The next BSW meeting will be Members' Night on Tuesday, September 3. 
Members are invited to make brief presentations at this meeting.

Here are a few recent items from the web.

An Orchid Disguised as a Weed

Undoing decades of damage at Dyke Marsh

Maryland Kudzu Bug Survey

Lemurs, Geckos And Other Pollinators

New guide to central U.S. milkweeds

June 2013 At Hilton Pond:
  From Termite Devastation To A Geriatric Hummingbird

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some of the text accompanying the photos (see URL) is interesting...

UNDERSTORY--a portfolio of twenty large scale photos on canvas of
native plants that grow beneath the forest canopy--has been on view
at the U.S. Botanic Garden since January www.understory.us The
exhibition will run through the first week in October. I will be
giving a tour of the exhibition this Sunday and the second Sunday of
August and September at 2 pm. I'll be telling the story of how the
portfolio evolved and demonstrating how I take the photos.

Happy botanizing!
~ Jackie Bailey Labovitz



Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: Interfaith Pollinator Gardens/Native
Plants are Solution to Spreading Invasive Plants

Squirrel Eats Car

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