[BSW] Free movie tonight + Distribution of Look-Alike Buttercups: seeking your participation! (fwd)

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Mon Mar 18 17:34:38 GMT 2013

There's a free screening (and apparently World Premiere) of the new film:
6:30 pm at Sidwell Friends.

Via Anne Frances:

From: Amanda Treher
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 12:54 PM
To: Anne Frances
Subject: Distribution of Look-Alike Buttercups: seeking your participation!

We invite you to be a contributor to our citizen science collaborative

image004 We aim to harness the power of online citizen science communities
to better understand the geographic range of select species. Our first
project starts with two buttercups. They are showy, will reach a broad
audience, geographically speaking, and can usually be identified from
photos. Ranunculus ficaria (syn. Ficaria verna) or Lesser Celandine, an
invasive in North America, and Caltha palustris, also known as Marsh
Marigold, have broad geographic ranges spanning multiple continents with
considerable overlap, and to beginners, could be difficult to distinguish.
Our primary goal is to compare the observations collected in this project
with the known distribution of each species: early detection of invasive
species is important for their management. In addition, we hope to better
understand the abilities of crowd sourcing, while gathering some interesting
information for analysis.

image005 Contributing is as easy as a walk around the neighborhood! Even if
you don’t know your buttercups, the online community of naturalists will
help with identification!  You only need a camera or a smart phone to
document what you find, the location where you found it, and an account with
one of two citizen science data collection platforms. Currently, we are
active on iNaturalist (www.inaturalist.org) and Project Noah
(www.projectnoah).  However, Project Noah limits contributions to a 300 mile
radius of Arlington, VA. Both platforms have a data collection tool
available for smart phones. On either site, you can find our profile,
NatureServe, and our project/mission, “Distribution of Look-Alike

Check out our progress, thus far:



You are encouraged to forward this announcement to others!

Thank you!                                                              

Alex Sessums, Botany Intern

AnNa Kim, Citizen Science Intern

Amanda Treher, Research Botanist

NatureServe – A Network Connecting Science with Conservation
(703) 908-1853
4600 N. Fairfax Dr., 7th Floor, Arlington, VA 22203

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