[BSW] Upcoming spring field trips + Potomac Overlook Park

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Sat Mar 9 02:47:40 GMT 2013

A recent message was sent to the VNPS-POT list regarding drastic changes 
proposed by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority to the 
wonderful Potomac Overlook Park (off Military Rd. in Arlington.)

A webpage has been set up to try to fend off what the authority is trying 
to do: http://friendspotomac.wordpress.com/


At last Tuesday's meeting, three field trips were planned for April, two 
to Bear Island and one to Turkey Run.  (April 6, 20 and 13.)  For details 
see:  http://botsoc.org/bswfieldtrips.html  An updated list as well as an 
updated key have been made available by Alan Whittemore.  Both are 
available on that page.

Edd Barrows will be leading the trip to TUrkay Run and will make a list 
availabe at a later date.


On Science Friday today: Getting the Springtime Buzz on Bees

With warmer weather (hopefully) just around the corner, what can we expect 
this spring from some of nature’s most important pollinators? Plus, new 
research on the electric fields in flowers and the effect of caffeine on 
honeybees offers fascinating glimpses into bee behavior.



Change your clocks tomorrow night!!!

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