[BSW] Spanish moss in Maryland?

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Ted Harvey, the founder of Delaware Wildlands and the current owner of much of the Great Cypress Swamp in DE, brought back Spanish moss to various localities in DE (I think that this was in the late 1950s or early 1960s, this relayed to me by the late Norm Dill in the 1970s) and then sat back and laughed when collectors were amazed at what they found.  This did not persist in DE but a red lichen that he accidentally brought along with the moss (forget the species at the moment...it's in our survey of the lit. on DelMarVa floristics that we published in Bartonia) did persist in spots.  I know that this is close but geographically distinct from your locality...still it makes me wonder what else he did....
Is Wes Knapp of MD DNR on your mailing list?  He would know.
And then there is the claim of Drosera filiformis from Cape Henlopen, DE.  Fernald included it in his distribution map of the species, but nobody has ever found a herbarium voucher...although Clyde Reed claimed to have seen it (and may have communicated with Fernald).
Another missing species is switchcane (Arundinaria gigantea ssp. tecta).  When I first arrived at DSU in 1976, a student brought some in for identification from his family's farm in Sussex Co.  I showed it to Norm Dill, since I was new to the area, and he dismissed it as common (maybe he was confused with Phragmites??? which certainly knew ad nauseum and saw this was distinct).  Later, when I was more knowledgeable, I wanted to kick myself for not checking the distribution out myself, and a butterfly that feeds on cane has been collected on the Peninsula.

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Is anybody familiar with the Pocomoke Swamp, the Pocomoke River or
Nassawango Creek in southern Maryland?  Iʼve found several second-hand
reports of Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides, Bromeliaceae) occurring in
bald cypress swamps in that area but no documentation.  Iʼve also had two
people (not botanists) tell me theyʼve personally seen it along the Pocomoke
River but Iʼm still a bit skeptical.  As far as I know, the northernmost
(documented) populations of this species are on southern Cape Charles

John B.

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