[BSW] more about the banquet

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Fri Nov 16 05:06:27 GMT 2012

Sorry - I meant to include in the message about the December 4 banquet 
some further information about the talk Chris Puttock will be giving that 

The topic of his talk:

  Oaks of Washington DC and beyond - What’s queer about Quercus?

There are twenty one mid-Atlantic region native species of oaks, plus 
several exotic species are also used as parkland and street trees. Dr. 
Puttock will take us through the morphological tool-kit needed by the 
professional botanists to have any hope in identifying these sometimes 
difficult species, and then the hope of avoiding the common quercus 
refrain “it’s a hybrid”.  The question then is: would molecular research 
help, and where we are with using those data to sort them out?

Dr. Puttock is a botanist with more than 35 year experience in flora 
writing, herbarium management, and marine and terrestrial environmental 
conservation. He is the President of the Botanical Society of Washington 
and a board member of the Maryland Native Plant Society.  Amongst other 
things he is currently working on an electronic key of the paper daisies 
of North America, the status of ginseng in Maryland, and preparing a book 
on Maryland oaks.  His passion is in the landscape restoration of matrix 
plants and animals without which the sustainability of the rare and 
declining will never be achieved.

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