[BSW] Harperella article in today's Post + Banquet on 4 December

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Wed Nov 7 02:29:50 GMT 2012

Chris Puttock announced that the annual banquet will take place at the 
Aria Trattoria on the 4th of December, starting at 6 pm. This is the 
restaurant where we have had our holiday banquets the last couple of 
years.  (1300 Pennsylvania Avenue)  Details will be available soon.

This evening after Edd Barrows had encouraged everyone to have a look at 
the latest "Marsh Wren" newsletter for Dyke Marsh in which there was a 
story about a walk Beth Wells had led there in August, Beth volunteered 
that there was an article in today's Washington Post about Harperella, a 
plant she's been monitoring for at least a couple of decades. So before 
you recycle your Tuesday paper, have a look at the article on p. E2 in the 
Health and Science section.

(It appears that the Post has instituted a paywall for the website. I then 
tried signing up for the 7 day free trial in which it stated that one only 
had to provide a valid email address, but I was still unable to look at 
the paper.)

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