[BSW] Upcoming events and remembrance of Larry Morse

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Wed Oct 24 01:09:02 BST 2012

Remember, the next BSW meeting is on the 6th of November, election night, 
for the U.S. and for us.  So vote early and then join us for an evening 
meeting.  Amanda Treher of NatureServe will be presenting on her research 
on the genus Rhynchospora: Conservation and Taxonomic Revisions.  Hope 
to see everyone there!!!

Today, October 23 is the deadline for letting Danielle Sundstrom 
danielle_sundstrom at natureserve.org know whether you're planning to attend 
the memorial for Larry on October 30th.  For details, see the previous 
message about the memorial here: 

ALso on the 30th, Rod simmons will be speaking for MNPS about Oak Hybrids 
of Our Region:

I received the following from Stan Shetler which I am passing along with 
his permission.

Remembering Larry Morse

Stanwyn G. Shetler

(I regret that because of my health I am not able to attend the tribute to 
Larry, but I would like to offer a few reminiscences in this short 

I first met Larry Morse in the late 1960s through Dr. John Beaman at 
Michigan State University when Larry was an undergraduate there. This led 
to a summer internship with me at the Smithsonian Institution for two 
summers to work on the brand new Flora North America Program. Larry was 
developing a program for computer-assisted plant identification that we on 
the FNA Editorial Committee thought might be applied to the Flora work. 
This collaboration lasted for several years until FNA was discontinued. 
His work is documented in part in publications. Our last FNA collaboration 
was a bibliography of the FNA Report series.

Larry was always upbeat and cheerful—a pleasure to be around. He was
eager and worked tirelessly on projects, doing whatever needed to be done.
Through FNA and his internships he got some of his first introductions to 
the taxonomic community at large. Larry, in turn, introduced many in this 
community to the idea of computer-assisted identification and key-making. 
In my book he is one of the pioneers in this field, and I will always 
remember his significant contribution.

October 13, 2012

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