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Mon Oct 8 04:51:30 BST 2012

Next Sunday, October 14, is the Potowmack Chapter Annual Meeting, Lecture 
and fall field trip. The public is invited to come for this special 

Annual Meeting & Special Event:

Finding Wildflowers in the Washington-Baltimore Area

A lecture and field trip with Cris Fleming, Botany Chair

Sunday, October 14  at 1:00 pm
No reservations are necessary.
VNPS programs are free and open to the public.

Green Spring Gardens
4603 Green Spring Road
Alexandria, VA

Cris Fleming is the principal author of the 1995 book with the same title.
In this talk, she will discuss recent threats to the native plants of our
region and will revisit five key sites covered in the book.  Autographed
copies of the book will be available for sale.

Field trip to Scott's Run Nature Preserve will follow the presentation:

Scott's Run Nature Preserve is known for a great diversity of plant life.
The variety of soils, moisture conditions, and slope orientations has
created several microhabitats that support many different species of 
Botanist Albert Radford of the University of North Carolina described the
area as "the most diverse forest, from a plant community and species
viewpoint, seen in the entire Piedmont." 

VNPS Potowmack Chapter fall field trip:
Autumn Ramble at Riverbend Park with Peter Munroe
Saturday, October 20 10:00 - 12:00 pm

RSVP and information:  Isabelle D'Achille at vnps.pot at gmail.com
8700 Potomac Hills Street
Great Falls, VA 22066


Join naturalist Peter Munroe for a look at Riverbend Park in autumn.  The
park takes on a new season in a delightful and interesting way.   Expect to
see late blooming goldenrods and asters as well as early autumn woodland
color in this field trip.  This walk will have an ecological focus, i.e.
Peter will highlight both native plants and their diverse faunal
associations.  Have your family and friends meet us after the walk for an
informal bring-your-own picnic.

About Riverbend Park:   Riverbend Park in Great Falls is home to globally,
state and locally rare plants and plant communities - an excellent
representative of the biodiverse Potomac Gorge.  Riverbend Park supports 23
outstanding element occurrences of 12 natural community types.  It is also
home to globally rare, continentally rare, state and regionally rare fauna -
including species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and numerous invertebrates.

Also on the 20th - Green Spring Gardens at 703-642-5173. Saturday, October 
20 Garden Design Symposium: Nature's Inspiration Code: 290 485 5101 
9am-3pm $75   Register by October 12.



See the MNPS webpage for Maryland events:

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