[BSW] October 2nd Field Book Project + Misc. items

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Mon Sep 24 21:51:14 BST 2012

Next Meeting
Date: Tuesday, October 2nd 7:00 PM
Speaker:  Carol Sheffield
Topic: Field Book Project
Flyer for Posting is here: http://botsoc.org/oct12.pdf

Carolyn Sheffield, Project Manager of the Field Book Project, will be 
discussing the project and some of its highlights.

She will be speaking first and the business part of our meeting will take 
place after her talk. We have a number of things to discuss: Larry
Morse's memorial service, mugs/gifts for the speakers, future officers,


Here is part of an email that I sent out to my local Audubon Society:

Canal at Big Slackwater - Mums and Potatoes - NYC Artist turns Rancher -
Butterflies + Moths - Hiring Sheep to save money


Today, I decided to take a little trip over to Dam #4 to see how things
were. I found that the newly repaired portion of the Canal that's been
closed for decades is now open!!! The "Closed" sign was still up at the
upriver end of the detour, but it was only because no one had gotten there
to take it down. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is to take place on October
13 at 10 a.m. See this page for lots of photo albums of before, during and
after pictures. http://www.candocanalbigslackwater.com/3/gallery.htm

On my way there, I noticed a farm on Woburn Rd. just before the
intersection with Dam Number 4 Road which advertised Mums and Potatoes for
sale. I decided to stop there on my way back to have a look and was so
glad I did. Never have I seen such an amazing variety of mums for sale,
all grown there on site. Though I don't have any room for more plants, I
ended up getting a couple anyway which I'll try to squeeze in
somewhere.... They're open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Approximately
here: http://goo.gl/maps/wjoVQ

Quite an inspirational story!!
An amateur rancher brings the wastelands of the Southwest back to life

Rare Specimens: An Unusual Match-Up In Entomology

Vermont Town Hires Livestock To Save Money, Go Green

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