[BSW] Parking at Old Angler's-Ice Mountain-Flower People-Landscape Design-Botanical Memorial and More

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Thu Mar 8 19:17:53 GMT 2012

Capital Science is coming up at the end of the month. There will be 5 
presentations made by the BSW on Sunday.
Register before March 11 to save on registration fee.
Here are abstracts for the botanical presentations: 

>From Edd Barrows, some links regarding Ice Mountain (in West Virginia, 
not too far from Capon Bridge which is about 20 miles west of Winchester, 
VA) - including a nice video from West Virginia Public Broadcasting:

Interesting online info on Ice Mt.

A trip to Ice Mountain, Youtube

Linda Davis passed along this link:
Plants' reproductive weaponry unfurled
Botanical tricks include adhesion and bubbles to spread their spores

She also sent along some interesting 'flower' pictures which I was able to 
find online here: http://markbmp.posterous.com/flowers-made-up-of-people

Be on the lookout for a botanical memorial art installation on the grounds 
of the National Museum of Natural History, created by a visitor to our 
last BSW meeting, conceptual artist, Willem Boshoff.

Coming up on March 15 - free presentation at Green Spring Gardens
'Landscape Design for Pollinator Diversity'


Our first field trip of the season is scheduled for Saturday, March 31 to 
the Billy Goat Trail area along the towpath.  Though the parking area 
there will not be available, however, it is thought that one will be able 
to park not too far away, along McArthur Blvd. or in the nearby 
neighborhoods.  However, one will need to be prepared to walk a ways to 
get to the meeting spot which (at least so far) will be the same as if the 
parking area were to be open. (Across the street from the Old Anglers 

I have just phoned Great Falls and talked to a park ranger there about the 
towpath and parking situation.

The towpath is closed between Old Angler's and Widewater.  So to get to 
the area where we usually go, we would have to walk on the Berma Road for 
a mile or so to get up and then back over to the towpath.

He said that though parking is illegal (Montgomery County) along MacArthur 
Blvd. many people do park there but can be ticketed.  I also asked about 
parking along neighborhood streets.  That is legal but lots of residents 
have been complaining.

His recommenation was to park at Great Falls.  (There is an entrance fee 
of $5 per car. If one doesn't already have one, those 62 and over can get 
a lifetime NPS pass for $10. The pass can be bought at the entry and is 
good for all in the car.)

Here is what's on the park website regarding the situation at Old Anglers 
Inn: http://www.nps.gov/choh/planyourvisit/closures.htm

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