[BSW] Simmons, Puttock, et al. presentations at the Biennial 2012 conference

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Sun Mar 4 20:13:45 GMT 2012

Below is a message from our president, Chris Puttock.  I have put
online a flyer that can be printed out and posted to help 
advertise the conference. http://botsoc.org/capsci2012flyer.jpg

And here are the abstracts for the Sunday, April 1, Botanical Society of 
Washingon presentations to be made at the conference:

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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2012 14:29:47 -0500
From: Christopher Puttock <christopher.puttock at gmail.com>
To: Kathy Bilton <kathy at fred.net>, Paul Peterson <petersonp at si.edu>,
     "Everly, Robin" <everlyr at si.edu>
Subject: Simmons, Puttock, et al. presentations at the Biennial 2012 conference

Hi Kathy
WBS is presenting five seminars at Capital Science 2012 conference on April
1, 2012, including papers by Paul Peterson, Robin Everly, Rod Simmons, and
myself.  The other is by Chris Frye (MD DNR state botanist).
The Conference is a two-day affair (March 31 and April 1) with many
interesting presentations covering many of the scientific organization in
the DC/VA/MD region.
Please advertise the presentations that are posted on the Washington Academy
of Science Website http://www.washacadsci.org/capsci12/body.htm.
We certainly would like as many of the botanical folks in the region to
attend.  We largely have to rustle up our own audience from the botanical
societies and schools in the region so please pass this onto any of our
university connections.  There will be a bus load of students from Salisbury
attending our sessions Sunday afternoon.  Students are free, adult
registration is $50 for the two days.
I am away in Hawaii until Friday 9th, so will not be at the meeting this
Many thanks: Chris

Dr. Christopher F. Puttock
Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution, NMNH (US)
(202) 262-9773 (cell)

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