[BSW] VNPS proposal for a memorial for Larry Morse

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Sun Feb 26 16:18:19 GMT 2012

I received this email from the president of the Virginia Native Plant 
Society, Sally Anderson, to let people know what they are doing and to to 
invite participation from BSW members.

To the Botanical Society of Washington:

Following is a proposal from the Virginia Native Plant Society to begin a
fund at the Flora of Virginia Project to memorialize Larry Morse. Larry
was a charter member of the Virginia Wildflower Preservation Society,
which became the Virginia Native Plant Society in 1989. Larry was a board
member for about the first ten years of the society's existence, until he
joined NatureServe. 

Larry was active in establishing the VNPS Registry Program, which
continues to acknowledge special plant communities around the state. While
these properties are rarely unusual or large enough to qualify for Natural
Heritage Sites, we know that our interest in these properties has led to
better stewardship in many cases. As recently as 2008, Larry led a field
trip for our annual meeting in Northern Virginia. Past president Nicky
Staunton remembers him as 'an inspiring botanist of field trips, a quiet,
observant, kind man with a sense of humor.'

Our proposal is to have donations toward the Flora in any amount sent with
the designation 'Larry Morse Memorial'. Donations would be sent directly
to the Flora of Virginia Project, PO Box 512, Richmond, VA 23218-0512. We
have spoken with Bland Crowder and arranged that gifts will be
acknowledged by the FOVP. You can find out more about the FOVP at
www.floraofvirginia.org .

Our hope is that we might reach the $1000 level, Virginia Bluebell, which
would mean that his name would be listed in the first edition. With luck,
we might even reach a higher level, such as the $4000 Family Sponsorship,
or one of the higher levels. A copy of the new Flora of Virginia will be
delivered to Larry's sister when it is published in November. 

We plan to share this with our members in our upcoming Bulletin, and we
would be pleased if your organization wanted to join the effort to
remember our mutual friend. 

Sally Anderson
President, Virginia Native Plant Society
400 Blandy Farm Lane, #2
Boyce, VA  22620

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