[BSW] Another comment + a rather old picture of Larry from Doug Ripley

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Sun Feb 26 04:40:09 GMT 2012

Below is a comment from Doug Ripley.  And following the comment, a link to 
a picture of Larry that Doug sent to NatureServe and is posted on their 
page.  I've put it online for the benefit of those who may not be able to 
get to the NatureServe Facebook page.

From: Douglas Ripley <Ripley at powerc.net>

All of those trips sound most appropriate and would be a wonderful tribute
to Larry.  Did you know that NatureServe is setting up a more detailed
memorial for Larry?  I sent them some photos which they were glad to
receive.  Maybe some of the other BSW members may want to contribute to it
as well.  The contact at NatureServe is:  Sam Sheline, 
Sam_Sheline at natureserve.org

Picture: http://botsoc.org/larrymorse.jpg

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