[BSW] More ideas and comments about upcoming trip(s) in honor of Larry

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Mon Feb 20 03:15:12 GMT 2012

More comments and ideas:

From: p2zamora at att.net      Pat Ford

Larry also enjoyed the Cranberry Glades in West Virginia.  The BSW did
a field trip there about 5-6 years ago.  See this article that Larry
wrote with Paul Harmon.


From: "Soreng, Robert" <SORENGR at si.edu>

I like the Ice Mountian trip idea. It was one of my first trips with
Larry also, but several years later.
Not been to Ball's Bluff, but that sounds good also, and close by.


PS: hope the timing works for both Paul and I as we will be in Africa
from early May to mid July.

From: Cjfleming at aol.com   Cris Fleming

Another idea closer to home is Chain Bridge Flats.  Many years ago,
Larry told me that he would spend his lunch hour there......just across
the river from his office at TNC.

Cris Fleming

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