[BSW] Ideas sought for a field trip in Larry's honor

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Fri Feb 17 02:36:55 GMT 2012

>From a mail Julie Moore sent out:

I think we need a special outing something in Larry's honor that is
more widely announced than our regular spring outings. And something in
late April or May or even June to look at maturing/fruiting specimens..
And to a place that is easily accessible with good parking. At the
moment I don't have any place in mind. Do you have any ideas? Can query
the BSW folks about an appropriate place before the next meeting , then
we can discuss in depth at the March 6 regular BSW meeting. We can also
discuss the idea of an annual Larry Morse Field Trip.

Roosevelt Island is a good possibility but as you say, weedy. I have
fond memories of a trip in the Potomac Gorge when we walk around on the
rocks looking at disjunct species. Any other places you would suggest?

Julie H. Moore, Biologist
Branch of Candidate Conservation
Endangered Species Program, FWS
4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 420
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone 703-358-2096; FAX 703-358-1735
email Julie_H_Moore at fws.gov 

Notes: There are three field trips scheduled for late March/early 

March 31 - Billy Goat Trail Area (Maryland)
April 7 - Billy Goat Trail Area (Maryland)
April 14 - Turkey Run (Virginia) 

The next meeting is Tuesday, March 6.  Alan Whittemore will be speaking 
and the topic will be research on the genus Celtis.

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