[BSW] Make your reservations this week for the BSW Holiday banquet!

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Tue Nov 29 02:23:34 GMT 2011

Banquet time is approaching!!  If you haven't yet sent in your 
reservation, email Paul Peterson (PETERSON at si.edu) to tell him you're 
coming, rather than sending anything through the postal mail at this 
point.  Bring your check with you when you come to the dinner.

Though the invitation asks that you reply by this coming Thursday, 
December 1st, Paul said it would be okay to reply by Friday the 2nd.

The banquet will be held on our regular meeting night, December 6, the 
first Tuesday of the month at the Aria Trottoria.

Invitation: http://botsoc.org/2011banquetinfo.pdf

Banquet and dues payment form: http://botsoc.org/2011banquetduesform.pdf

Here is a form that you need only fill out if you have some changes you
need to make to your address, email, phone numbers, etc.

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